So you made it here but what is next?? Never done this before?? Here is a short guide to explain a few things and help you with the process of bidding

Does every item really close at the same time? Staggered Closing
No, we have it set so that a lot closes every 15 seconds, so for example if the 1st lot closes at 7:00:00pm est, the 2nd lot closes at 7:00:15 (seconds), the 5th lot closes at 7:01:00 and so on. Even though we wish we were all super heroes we know that trying to bid on several lots at 1 time can be overwhelming, so this why we use this feature closed staggered closing.

What happens if someone tries to out bid me at the last second? Soft Close / Extended Bidding
No worries, no bid sniping here, if someone bids on a lot in the last 2 minutes that lot is extended another 2 minutes. So for example if a lot has 45 seconds left on it and someone bids, that lot is extended another 2 minutes and now you will have another 2 minutes and 45 seconds to bid again. Why do we do this? Simple it gives everyone a chance to bid and so that other bidders can not bid snipe you at the last second. Plus it gives you that live auction excitement.

Your crazy I am not giving you a credit card number just to bid, we understand it seems crazy
Yes it does seem crazy, however we ask for this on sign up as we want to make sure you are a real person and are truly interested in the auction. We never process a credit card unless authorized or you fail to pick up your items (we charge a service fee for failing to pick up your items). Our credit cards are stored on servers that are 100% PCI complaint. No one at Trice Auctions or any of our staff members can see your full credit card number.

As mentioned above we just use the credit card as verification, so with that said we take cash and debit/credit cards at pickup. You are responsible to pay for the items you won even if you are a no show on pickup day.

If you are going to bid please make sure you pick up your items in the mentioned pickup/removal date and time. We are all adults and want everything to run as smooth as possible for our sellers and if you were the seller you would want your auction to run smoothly. So in short if you bid find a way for you or someone to pickup and pay for the items you won, be sure to bring your own help, boxes, packing supplies, tools and anything else you would need to remove items you won.

Have more questions?
Call us we are humans, we are here to help. 410-479-1173. We are localled owned and operated out of Denton, Maryland.